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With a great pleasure we would like to invite You to visit charming corner of the north-eastern Poland described as the Green Lungs of Poland. The capital of this region is located in the largest wilderness of Europe, Białowieża. Our hotel is perfectly fitted in this exceptional landscape on the frontier of various cultures and religions. It is situated at the outskirts of the Białowieski National Park, which is registered in the list of World Culture Heritage UNESCO.                               WWW.HOTEL-ŻUBRÓWKA.PL


The city of Bialystok is situated in the centre of the Podlaskie Province, on the Podlasie lowland, in the macro-region of the Bialystok Highland. It is the biggest city of the north-eastern Poland, the capital of the Podlaskie Province. Bialystok is also the capital of the region that is called the green lungs of Poland . It is a perfect place for a rest and pastime. About 32% of the city area is covered by greenery, including 2 nature reserves. The city offers various tourist attractions. (read more)

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